Growth Groups

Beginning September 5th

Somethings in life are better done in groups and your spiritual life is one of them. We have groups meeting throughout the week, so there is a good chance a groups will work with your schedule. Each group meets from 6-8:30 pm every other week.  Follow the link to get registered.

Outdoor Baptism

September 12th @ 12:15

We will be having an outdoor baptism publicly celebrating decisions for Christ. The baptisms be on the front lawn of the church after the services.  

Evangelism Cell Group

Wednesday Nights 7-8pm
beginning September 8th

Have you ever struggled with how you should share The Gospel with someone who is lost? You are not alone. We often stumble over what we should say which leads to fear and gives birth to avoidance. Beginning September 8th, FBC will be hosting an evangelism cell group where we will equip you with the tools and the confidence to witness for Christ.